Stories Of Change

Carving a character through Sports

It was when Deepanshu was 6-7 years of age, he would often climb the boundary wall and walk on its narrow width, balancing himself. With several concurring activities, Deepanshu has his attention fixed on his practices for the World Games. His dream is to be able to have a Skating (including Figure Skating ) stadium close to his home . Deepanshu’s father is a carpenter and his mother is a home maker. 

Determined to blaze a path of glory

Paramjeet , 24 yrs, brings a ray of hope to the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir. If selected, he would create history by being the first Athlete to represent Jammu and Kashmir at the Special Olympics World Winter Games.  

Sports a doorway to Hope and Respect

Sports has given hope to Abhiranjan. At 27 yrs he has kept his struggle on, not wanting to give up until he has achieved a respectable place in the society. Sports has given a direction to his life , where his Intellectual Disability and hearing impairment threw challenges of isolation and rejections.

An ability rather than a Disability

Priyanka 20 yrs old, was born into an atmosphere of conflict and strain, as recalled by her mother, Anurita Dewan. She observed that although Priyanka was born fine, she often turned blue when she cried. Her delayed milestones, unclear speech left no doubt that she would require special care. Priyanka never saw her father as he was unhappy to have a girl child. He left them when she was a month old. Her parents got divorced

Rolling Over The Odds

When he was born, there was nothing about him that told his parents about any challenges. As he grew the fact that he never spoke, and more of such delayed milestones drew attention of his parents to a possible anomaly, on which they were proved right. While they went ahead with getting him to join a mainstream school, the teachers once again confirmed that he is unable to cope with studies as is ‘normal’. Tanshu too used to cry bitterly on his way to school. Nothing seemed right

Mantra felicitated by the Honourable Prime Minister for his World Games Achievements

Mantra, born with Down’s Syndrome, dreams to be world’s best swimmer. He is currently in the 12th grade of the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and is also visiting his family store, called Mantra’s Mart, to get accustomed to managing money transactions.

Mantra is a cheerful young man, who enjoys the company of his friends, practices yoga and is fond of singing and dancing. This is not a picture presented to his parents when he was born. His diagnosis and the possibility of developing other medical complications left them disillusioned.

A Rainbow of flairs from Karnataka

Amogh Kashyap, 17 yr old, belonging to Mysuru, Karnataka is a Person with multiple abilities. He is a pianist , he had a brief stint with Drums; he is very interested in trekking and more .Although born in Boston, USA, Amogh has spent a large part of his early childhood in India. Till he was 6-7 months old he appeared a happy child. It is only after he turned 6 months that his mother observed delayed milestones. His diagnosis marked a long journey of interventions, therapies and academic challenges and rejections, both for Amogh and for his parents, although there were interim periods of relief. 

Virtual Engagements continue to build friendships

This has been an unusual year for everyone. Certain things could not be done at all, while those that could be, had to be twisted around the new normal. For Prisha Gaba, a student of Class XII , Apeejay Pitampura New Delhi,  this year has brought a new set of ideas and thoughts making the year very valued as she reflects on her journey with Aarushi Sharma, Athlete from New Delhi.

 “I had not engaged so closely with a Person with Intellectual Disability before”

Recipient of the Pradhan Mantri Award 2020- Korok Biswas

I will make this world as the blooming garden of all the little children buds, on harvesting more Koroks – says Korok. Korok Biswas is an accomplished classical dancer who was felicitated with the Pradhan Mantri Bal Shakti Award 2020 (Under National Child Award for Exceptional achievement) from the President & Prime Minister of India, during the Republic Day Celebrations for his contribution in art and culture. He is the first ever child with down syndrome to ever achieve this award. 

Fostering friendship & bonding beyond the Sports field

 “I remember seeing ‘Kaif Bhaiya’ in the lift at the National Youth Summit held in 2019 in the Amity University UP Campus. Later I saw him leading a session at the Summit, we also played volleyball together”.- Shivam Verma, Athlete leader from New Delhi. “A friendship between two people is very natural. I began with an understanding that I will be Shivam’s support and the ‘guiding light’ so to say. But it turns out, he has been my pillar of support.”- Mohammad Kaif, Unified Buddy of Shivam

Would Simran help us break mind-sets

When you meet Simran, the greatest memory that you carry back is her heart warming smile. The power of her smile successfully conceals the countless moments and instances that left her feeling isolated and bullied. When she was an infant the unbearable pain was felt by her mother, which was later shared by Simran as she grew