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From a proud father and coach of a Special Olympics Athlete and an International Marathoner

On Fathers Day 21 June 2020 It is a journey of challenges, hard work, perseverance, immense satisfaction and precious personal rewards! I am, Lt Col B D Saha, the father of Ankush Saha, a special athlete who plays Golf and has represented his country in the 2019, Summer World Games, Abu Dhabi, and won a […]

Spotlight – Anil Joshi Father of Devanshi Joshi

On Fathers Day – 21 June 2020 What inspired you to have Devanshi join Special Olympics? We came to know about Devanshi’s diagnosis of Down Syndrome in the first month of her birth. We gathered information from different sources to understand the details. It helped us quickly overcome the initial emotional upheaval. Later we had […]

Amplifying Inclusion during Covid 19- State of Bihar

  All of the 534 blocks spread across 38 districts in Bihar have an isolation centre (to cater to the suspected & the infected people) and a quarantine centre (for travellers) each. A helpline was set up a few weeks back specifically for Persons with Disabilities. 15000 grievances were received and action over them is […]

Hear from our Unified Pair- THE WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY

The idea sparked! – LETS WRITE A BLOG ON THE WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, Online searches began.. Discussions were held, stoking thoughts and ideas from both ends knocking at social consciousness-  Unified Pair: Aparimita Singh & Gayatri Pore (SO Bharat- Maharashtra) The celebration of the World Environment Day helps us understand the importance of a healthy […]

A Virtual Unified Skipping Competition- Amitasha, Youth leader from Uttar Pradesh

Amitasha N. Mishra and Sahil Singh, the Unified Pair (a pair of youth with and without Intellectual Disability) of Uttar Pradesh led an unexplored module of a Skipping Competition yesterday in virtual space challenging the Athletes and their Unified Partners to face-off in a fairly new skill during the lockdown. Even if the Athletes did […]

A step closer to an Inclusive World

By MAHI DHERI AND RITHIK HUKKU (UNIFIED PAIR, SO BHARAT) “Have an audacious ambition and a restless dissatisfaction in your heart, that’s what you need to change the world” – these were the lines we heard during the global youth leadership forum in Baku, in 2018 by Dr Tim Shriver, Chairman, SOI and the words […]

ESPN amplifies the Inclusion Revolution

Engaging more and more persons, from the ‘mainstream’ world, on the sports field with the Athletes, Unified Sports is fueled year after year by ESPN, strengthening bonds and breaking barriers. Under the banner in India, Delhi, Goa, Kerala and Punjab have committed to add eight new Unified schools each within the next few months. (Unified […]

Child Friendly Space- a safe cocoon springing in Odisha

 In the face of a calamity, there are no guesses, that the most vulnerable segment of the society is the children. Based in the state of Odisha which is prone to natural calamities, the latest being the extremely severe cyclonic storm Fani, that hit its coast line a couple of months back, germinated an idea in the mind […]

No Sympathy required- She is our strength

“This is so sad!” These are the first few words that she hears whenever she meets someone new. It is true that she is different. But hey, sympathy is not what she deserves. Meet my sister, ” Anudhriti Saikia” and my name is Angaparna. I am her brother. Anudhriti was born with an Intellectual Disability […]

Mutual learning- a fun experience

Simran Sahni and Shrey Kadian learnt from each other as they journeyed through the Innovation project 2018-2019. For them the greatest achievement was to learn a new perspective- something that they were so alien to earlier and that which has blended so naturally in their lives. They have something to share… Simran Sahni On 3rd […]

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