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Special Tee Off

Ranveer Saini the first athlete from Special Olympics Bharat to participate at the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Golf Master’s tournament in 2013 once again faced competition at the tournament held at Caesars Golf Course from May 26-31, 2014. More determined and prepared to face competiton this year he went with two more golfing Athletes , Ankush and Kushagra and the trio returned with a team trophy and a Gold medal each. The team competed against nearly 100 Athletes from over 19 nations.

Last year Ranveer returned a winner of two Gold medals and a Trophy marking his glorious victory at a highly competitive platform. He stood alone and determined as he faced competition across fourteen teams of the best Special Olympics Golfers from twelve regions participated at levels 1, 2 and 5.In recognition of his feat he entered the prestigious Limca Book of Records in 2014 and has made a sensational entry into the Limca book of records for the second consecutive year, in 2015 as well!

Playing with great perseverance and dedication Ranveer followed a regular regimen of practicing Golf for the past five years that  resulted in a swing that takes even the professionals by surprise! Blessed to belong to a family where every member makes him feel as much an achiever as anyone, he has pursued football, swimming, horse riding etc. with as much enthusiasm, also with immense support coming from his Speech Therapist who Ranveer has looked up to since age 2.

‘Thanks to him, we are all golfers in our family’, says his mother, Ms. Bhakhtawar Saini. Ms. Saini feels good about Ranveer’s interest in Golf that makes it possible for him to play alone as well as it becomes an activity for the whole family to bond, including his two siblings.

Determined and focused towards pursuing his interests Ranveer has never let autism come on the way to progress. His various stage performances, be it a song sung in front of his friends in school or before a huge audience, the recital of shlokas of Bhagavad-Gita at the Chinmaya Mission, all stand testimony to a level of confidence that would inspire people all over. Piano is yet another interest that engages him where, too, he has accomplished the first level and is on to the next.

Being able to make tea or noodles for himself and even fixing a breakfast places Ranveer on the path of self-reliance, warding off anxiety, to some extent, in his parents related with his future. Frequently he’s seen watching videos of cookery shows, taking down recipes to try later on.

Gifted with scores of talents and such confidence levels makes it unnecessary to mention much about Autism which Ranveer manages to conquer every moment of his life

Motivated more than ever he is driving all his energies towards enhancing his sport skills to be able to play level 5 in 2015!

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