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Making Dreams Come True

Special Olympics Bharat athlete, Bharat Bhatia has always dreamt of meeting Bollywood star Akshay Kumar.

His mother Kanchan Bhatia had promised that she would introduce him to Akshay if he won a medal at the Special Olympics World Winter Games held in South Korea in February 2013.

The 21-year-old did more than that. He clinched the gold!

Now it’s Kanchan’s turn to honour the commitment.

“He is after my life to take him to Mumbai to meet Akshay Kumar. It would be the greatest day for my son if he could meet his favourite actor. I hope that happens sooner than later, so that he can concentrate on his next goal,” she said.

“Ma will take me to Mumbai first. Then I will bring more medals and can also do a job if offered,” Bharat said, gesturing with a smile.

Getting a permanent job for her son, is a dream that Kanchan holds dearly. Understanding the determination her son is gifted with makes her anxious to ensure that he should lead a life of self-reliance and dignity.

Bharat, a student of Jaipur’s Sri Nirmal Vivek Special School hostel has an intellectual disability and has been raised by his mother single-handedly his father’s sudden death some 19 years ago.

“His mental growth is six years slower than his actual age. Even though he can’t speak properly, when he watches an Akshay Kumar movie, you see him imitating his favourite actor’s style and mannerisms. I’m sure Akshay will be very happy to meet his greatest fan,” she said.

It’s not just in 50 metres snow-shoeing that Bharat excelled, he missed the 25m event medal by a whisker. A born athlete, he is adept at several games like handball, football and cricket.

Bharat does try communicating certain challenges which makes his path difficult. There are only a few places in India where winter games are played. Yes, he aims to go even higher .

We are pleased to announce that post World Winter Games 2013, Bharat was invited to Mumbai by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar as a reward for his commendable performance.

In describing the meeting his mother said, “ When I got a call from Mr Akshay Ji’s secretary, I was surprised and Bharat danced like monkey all that day as his dream was going to come true.”

“When in Mumbai when Akshay Ji asked to hold his hand, Bharat was trembling like he got a shock and started crying like he met his god. That moment I saw tears in Akshay Ji eyes also and he told Bharat that he is not a God he is a common man like him. That is the good gesture of a great person. I am very much thankful to Akshay Ji for this. I pray to God that Akshay Ji succeed in his life and will attain top positions in Bollywood forever.”

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