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Indian Dental Association

Shared Commitment to Create Advocacy to Improve the Oral Health of individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and provide opportunities for oral

health care
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July to September 2019





Children with physical disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, may not have the motor skills needed to use a toothbrush safely or to sit still in a dental chair during dental visits. Children with intellectual disabilities may not know how to brush their teeth, protect their teeth from injury, or cooperate with dental office staff while getting oral health care.

Indian Dental Association’s (IDA) commitment to optimal oral health for all Indians translates into oral health programmes/services designed to support athletes with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The program is a part of a 5 year commitment , entered on 1 May 2016, between Special Olympics Bharat and International Association for Disability and Oral Health (IADH, India Chapter) to advocate and improve oral health services for athletes with disabilities. continues to raise awareness and improve oral care altogether requesting all their branches to join in, 15 July 2019 onwards #InclusiveHealth #HealthySpecialSmiles

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June-September 2018

IDA proves time and again that it has deeply committed itself to inclusive Oral health, leaving  NO ONE behind. From 1 June 2018 to 30 September 2018 IDA would provide Inclusive Oral Care and Education in celebration of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day and 50 years of the Special Olympics movement. IDA has requested all the Dental Clinics and institutions all across India to extend the service free of charge to all the Special Olympics Athletes and Unified Partners and has called upon all dental colleges to confirm their participation in this endeavour. Details






April 2018- May 2018

Cancer Out Campaign

IDA is committed to create significant and quantifiable difference in the general health of the society through improved oral health and spread awareness on preventive aspects of oral diseases. One major thrust area is War against Oral Cancer. Towards this objective, IDA is initiating the Cancer Out Campaign in the state of Rajasthan from 16th April till 31st May 2018.

As a part of this campaign  150,000 people all over Rajasthan are estimated to be screened. Local dental clinics (members of IDA) and Dental Colleges in the state of Rajasthan have partnered as screening centers.The screening will be extended to the athletes, coaches, families, caregivers and special educators of Special Olympics Bharat. List of Doctors who would be carrying out the screenings across the state of Rajasthan linked here





IDA & Special Olympic Bharat observe a week long celebrations to mark the  ‘Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day’ 20th July 2017

Activities that IDA would conduct include:

  • Providing the Doctor  database who will screen the athletes at Clinics and conduct basic treatments
  • Photo ops with the Athletes ; voice record feedback
  • Conduct Oral Health Awareness Programes in Centres/Special Schools
  • Deliver  lectures on oral health/hygiene including right brushing techniques and ill effects of tobacco   

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SO Bharat can contact IDA Head office on 022 43434545 extension 524 for enrollment or contact Ms Nrupali Chitnis on 9167218720.

About the Collaboration

Indian Dental Association &Special Olympics Bharat with International Association for Disability & Oral Health (iADH, India Chapter) forge a bond for jointly committing towards advocacy and awareness to improve the oral health of people with Intellectual and Developmental Disability from 01 May 2016 for a period of 5 years

The MoU combines the three entities to create a forum to create awareness at National and International levels, sensitizing general public and oral healthcare professionals about the Oral health care needs of people with Intellectual Disabilities. Training Programs for dental surgeons /oral health care providers would be conducted to enhance skill for management and treatment of differently abled individuals

Indian Dental Association (IDA) is an independent and recognized voice of dental professionals in India. IDA has numerous scientific and information publications. Special Olympics features big and bold monthly in every issue .This awareness drive has huge ramification as 75000 members dentists of IDA and a huge number of the patients in their clinics are sensitized about Intellectual Challenge , Special Olympics and the achievements of our athletes.

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Special Olympics World Games


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