“This is so sad!” These are the first few words that she hears whenever she meets someone new. It is true that she is different. But hey, sympathy is not what she deserves.

Meet my sister, ” Anudhriti Saikia” and my name is Angaparna. I am her brother. Anudhriti was born with an Intellectual Disability but refuses to consider it to be her limitation. I feel extremely proud and blessed to have a sister like her. My parents  and family have always encouraged her to participate in activities of her interest. Through Ashadeep, a special school in Guwahati Assam, she gets to participate in Special Olympics.

I have seen positive changes in her development as I see her communicating better, making new friends and showing interest in other activities like painting and singing.

She doesn’t have goals of getting a job, buying a car, earning a lot of money. She, instead, has dedicated her life to learning. She grabs every opportunity to explore herself and evolve as a better person. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a sibling stand by them as she does to me.

Anudhriti represented India in the Regional Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games, 2013, held at New Castle, Australia bringing laurels to the nation (Bocce, Doubles: Gold; Bocce, Single: Silver). That is amazing!

It is true that she is different from you and me. But the difference is not her condition, the difference is her strength and will power. So, do not give her sympathy, she deserves respect. We salute her, for walking out of her limitations and being an inspiration to all of us.