Introducing 520 persons to Special Olympics through teaming up with the Athletes across 5 events, in a community park highlighted the second edition of the initiative. A team of 20 Youth leaders joined by 60 volunteers from various schools and universities of the Delhi NCR Region encouraged evening walkers at the Smriti Van (Park) Mayur Vihar ph-3 , New Delhi to play with 70 Athletes across Cricket , Bocce, Relay, power lifting and Tug of War. The promotional posts on Social Media attracted a large number of volunteers. An area in the park witnessed SO Bharat’s presence with separate sectors marking separate activities; the environment made celebratory and attractive with a DJ, decorations and more. The park was selected on the basis of its popularity, with a footfall of approx. 800 every day

The team was led by Simran Sahni, Youth Input Council member (SOAP) along with support from Parth Agrawal, creating task specific teams including marketing, graphics etc. The overwhelming response of residents from the surrounding areas was a result of the curiosity raised days before the event. The Marketing team approached the RWA (resident Welfare association) of the area, pasted posters everywhere, approached passer-bys, did street plays and held numerous meetings.

Sports Bocce Cricket Tug Of War Relay Power lifting
Registrations 126 22 148 137 87


Following the frenzy around Tug of War, Relay and Bocce pulled people in fairly large numbers.

Pratishtha was conceptualized in July 2017 by a youth leader, Tanmay Agarwal, with the objective to go beyond boundaries to spread the word about Special Olympics & the message of Inclusion. Although Tanmay left the country for higher studies, he passed the baton to others who shared the passion and determination to expand and improve.

Mahi Dheri, Youth Leader: This has been an overwhelming experience for me. Last year I volunteered and was here just for a day, but this year I was a part of the planning team. At every sporting event I noticed that the Athletes were so excited and they wanted to win! They were so happy to receive medals, just like us

Shrey Kadian, Member, Athlete Input Council: I was the Captain of the Cricket Team B, which won, Rishabh Captained the other team. The program was better than last year. Next year I want to see more Athletes join the event

As the Youth leaders planned the event furiously and scrupulously, they stumbled upon a new partnership. Pratishtha.02 engaged the Robin Hood Army for the first time. The Robin Hood Army is a global organization of youth which works to distribute surplus food from restaurants to the less fortunate sections of the society. The Robin Hood army provided refreshments to the Athletes and Volunteers who labored since 9 in the morning braving the heat for the event that continued till 7pm

As expressed by Air Marshal Denzil Keelor : Pratishtha is a unique experience, a beautiful model emerging from the philosophy of harnessing the youth and using their energy and enthusiasm to carry forward our program to new heights