Simran Sahni and Shrey Kadian learnt from each other as they journeyed through the Innovation project 2018-2019. For them the greatest achievement was to learn a new perspective- something that they were so alien to earlier and that which has blended so naturally in their lives. They have something to share…

Simran Sahni

On 3rd November 2018 we started with our Innovation Grant. Shrey has been my athlete partner for almost a year before that. I still remember our first orientation session together. Both Shrey and I were nervous. I stammered and Shrey had problems in speaking English. As the session progressed, we got comfortable with the students and more importantly with each other.

We used to spend days before every orientation, we used to rehearse our talking points. Shrey helped me control my stage fear and I helped him speak English.

If I compare my first session to the recent one, I feel so proud of myself but I am even more proud of Shrey. The way he engages with students and inspire the athletes is beyond compare. We are used to each other’s company now.

I have seen myself and Shrey grow through Special Olympics. I am sure it won’t be possible if we did all of that independently. Working with Shrey made me realize the importance of Inclusion. I have grown more patient, understanding and punctual.  I have realized that true development happens only when we grow with each other. It is very important to consider everyone’s point of view and not just one’s own.

Shrey made me realize how hard work and perseverance can change someone into a true leader. We have grown together. He scolds me when I am late and congratulates me on my achievements. He was always there to console me when I’m at my lowest or argue with me when I am not right. I am so happy seeing him turn Athletes into Athlete Leaders. I feel so accomplished when I look back at our journey together. 

Shrey Kadian

My Innovation project is great. I have learnt how to work with a partner, how to speak in front of an audience, and how to build up my confidence. In my first session I was nervous to speak in front of the students, my 2nd program is Aalmatar School in Bareilly, U.P April 2019. I spoke with confidence and fluency. 

I changed my attitude. My 3rd orientation session was in Jaypee Public School in Greater Noida, U.P. 17 May 2019. I talked about Special Olympics Bharat and conducted a Unified bocce game. Then my 4th and 5th Innovation Grant in Tagore International School east of kailash and Vasant kunj. My confidence has improved. I like it when people appreciate me.

I took the lead at the Diwali Mela held at my school, MBCN School, Noida. We set up a stall where we conducted fun activities and signature campaign. My role was to share about Special Olympics Bharat and Upcoming Special Olympics World Summer Games Abu Dhabi March 14 to 21 2019 with whoever visits the stall.

I feel relaxed now because I finish my fear that I could not speak up in front of audience. I help my fellow athletes to gain confidence and public speaking skills now.

Simran always help me in any program. In the Pratishtha 3.0 my role was to conduct unified cricket where I taught Special Olympics Cricket rules to everyone. In future, I would love to work with her because she has become my good friend and Youth Leader in Special Olympics Bharat.      

Simran is very dedication and hard working. I am learning from her – how to interact with people, how to share my thoughts in English language. She believes in me – that I can do all the work.

“So thank you, Simran for your wonderful work. Good point is “You give chance to other youth leaders and athlete leaders to come up”