tanmaySamarpan, a coffee table book at Apeejay School that chronicles events and programs between 1990-2015 highlights the Special Olympics experience through what the Youth Leaders have to say..

In the Words of Tanmay Agarwal, Special Olympics Bharat Youth Leader, student of Apeejay School Pitampura, Delhi

The experience with Special Olympics Bharat has altered my life. I had never met a specially abled person before my association with
the organization and hence I had all kinds of stereotypes embedded in my mind. I used to believe that a special person could never love his life.But I gladly admit today that I was very very wrong.

Special Olympics has liberated my mind from all tabboos; it has given me a new perspective in life, one in which ‘mainstream’ and ‘special’ hold no significance; in which I see inclusion and humanity. I see a world of hopes and aspirations.I continue to be a part of the organization’s activities as a Youth Leader with the same zeal that I had 5 years ago as a trainee.There is nothing that brings more satisfaction to me, or that which fills the lives of many with joy and gaiety, than the multifarious programs of the organization.There is much more to learn from the people deemed ‘disabled’ by our society than one could ever imagine. Their undying spirit, relentless determination and above all, a fire to prove themselves, to the world is truely inspirational.I owe a huge part of who I am today to Special Olympics Bharat.

I would not trade this experience for anything else in this world.
Thank you Special Olympics Bharat for changing my life.”

This is Tanmay. There is Navreet, there is Parth and many many more undergoing transformation and also leading others to it. With persons like Principal Dilip Kumar Bedi and Ms. Renu Nagpal to fortify this movement Special Olympics Bharat could have expected nothing lesser
at Apeejay Pitampura Delhi.

Education without raising Social consciousness amongst the students is incomplete. I am with you. I want to see a transformation in the heart of my students and not just see them participate”. Mr. Dilip Kumar Bedi, Principal.

Special Olympics Bharat & Apeejay School Pitampura

Being part of Special Olympics Project UNIFY piloted in India in 2012, Apeejay School has continued to keep the energy alive and growing. This year has particularly witnessed meaningful participation of the Youth leaders and their repeated engagements with Athletes from Purti School, striking bondings & friendships fortified through Social Media connections.

The Youth Leaders have not only grown in numbers but have also augmented growth of the program by activating their peers. Carrying out a Signature Campaign during their Annual Exhibition inspiring parents and school staff to sign for promotion of Social Inclusion; celebrating EKS Day are but a few exemplars of initiatives taken by the Youth Leaders under constant guidance of their higher authorities