A typical day in the life of Mr Satbir Singh Sahota begins with a thought of cycling, which is his expertise combined with a passion for bringing the best in an Athlete. His presence is pinned right from the cycle coming out of the box, getting assembled, rolling, and getting packed back as well. With the Berlin Games coming up in June 2023, he planned rigorous training of four athletes in June 2022. They are Indu Prakash & Kedar Narayan from Jamshedpur, Neel Yadav from Haryana & SMS from Karnataka

When he conceptualized the plan, he thought of all eight (Four male & four female) who are finalized to participate in the games. However, doing so had its challenges too, e.g separate accommodation for women athletes, female coach etc.  He selected only male four athletes.  Supporting him is Coach Narendran Hansdah, who has been associated with SO Bharat since 2019.

Despite fighting cancer since 2008, Mr Satbir, maintains his focus on training the Athletes year after year, enabling each one to bring out the Champion in them. Sometimes seen on a cycle, motorbike, or a car, he trails the Athletes to observe their skill across balancing, reflexes etc. The training entails fitness sessions, sessions with the Coaches and specific, individualized training of each of the athletes. He aims to have them cover 50 km /day, on an average. The Athletes are giving fresh ride at International Swimming pool at JRS Sports Complex to refresh themselves

The initiative could not have been possible without the persistent efforts of Mr Satbir across several verticals. His association with TATA Steel goes back 30 years. For this initiative they took no time to consent to provide their world-class facilities at the JRD TATA Sports complex to the four probables, for sports and accommodation, a pick-up van and free medical facilities included. The team has been residing at the facility since June 2022, going back home only for holidays. 

“Seeing an athlete progress, to whatever extent, makes me feel rewarded. This feeling has overcome me several times. Sports is the way. It has transformed many lives right in front of me, but there is a lot more ground to be covered, and sports has the power to do that.”

Mr Satbir is an international Cyclist Ex National Champion for more than ten years, represented India at Asian Games and, a qualified cycling coach and physical trainer.  He has been a trainer with SO Bharat since 2006. This is the fifth World Summer Games for which he is preparing the Athletes, having first done so in 2007.

Despite being very deep-rooted and old in this space, even now, he gets a youthful thrill when he sees an Athlete don a full cycling gear