Anil was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age. He is 25 yrs old and, has a twin called, Akhil. All along he was compared with his brother. There were people who even suggested that he should be ‘given away’ to an orphanage. Although distressed, his mother pulled herself to not to pay heed. As a child he found it difficult to hold anything and was conscious of his posture. He experienced pain while walking and was advised special education, physiotherapy and play therapy by the physiotherapist.
He joined Special Olympics through the Satya Special School Pondicherry in 2006. At school it was difficult for him to identify letters, read or write. Anil’s sports journey started with assisted walk, soft ball, Table Tennis and bocce which he played at the State level. Sports assumes a significant place in the curriculum, considering sports as a means of advancement. He participated in a 100 mtr sprint in Anantpur and his sheer participation was a remarkable achievement.
He has been a keen participant in several non-sporting Special Olympics initiatives like the Athlete Development program, wherein he has actively participated in various workshops and virtual engagements, leading sessions for his fellow athletes. He sat on the panel at a discussion held during the Area Director’s meet held in 2018 in Delhi and represented SO Bharat at the Global youth summit held during the Abu Dhabi Games held in 2019. At a Coaches training Anil introduced ‘Athlete Leadership’ to the participants. According to him “Sports is not about winning or losing, it is about participation; that is where its actual power lies”. He can speak four languages – English, Hindi, Telegu and Tamil
Ms Rama Sita, is proud of her son Anil. Had it not been for Anil, she would not have completed a course in Computers. Neither did she have an inclination towards technology nor did they possess a laptop. Insisting on her doing so, Anil helped her acquire a second-hand laptop. His mother completed the course with his help.
“Anil is a great spokesperson. Amongst approx. 800 students, including those who have good communication skills, Anil stands out. He is different; he is gifted. In fact it is Anil who encouraged his mother to complete her 10th grade and then the 12th at the age of 35! It is the sports field which developed his confidence and self-esteem. Even if you are not winning, you are participating like everyone else with so many people watching you. The minute the Athletes are on the field you can see them happy and joyful. This is an emotion which neither my classroom nor the physiotherapy hall can give to them” Ms Chitra Shah, Area Director, SO Bharat Puducherry
His Father: Road construction contractor
His brother Akhil- has studied Brahma veda and is a pandit
The family are brahmins from Hyderabad