1. Behavioral problems of adults athletes with ID are increasing during lock down? What can we do for their emotional wellness ?
  2. Should the Athlete sleep on time. Is that connected to mental Health?
  3. What are the  training used to develop the mobility of a disability person? Can you pls give some detail on that ?
  4. Our maximum athletes are not  aware of their exact need of food, could this eating disorder affect their mental health? 
  5. Children are missing outside the world therefore they are showing multiple behavior issues. Even parents are more stressed . we most of us r counselling in our own ways but still it is not enough. Just tell how to keep a cool parent first bcz he is the only teacher/ coach of a particular child in this lockdown period ?
  6. If the autistic child used to change dresses all time how do we handle her behaviour?
  7. Since we as parents are dealing with children with special needs like Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and other intellectual disabilities, most of the activities do not apply to them. How can we help them specially in the situation of lock down?
  8. Should one ensure  distance  within the family too and I think we should not allow the children to touch vegetables and other items, which we bring from outside the home, until or unless we don’t wash them .
  9. Due to the lockdown the training programs for the athletes are affected. In order to bring back the athletes fitness and performance to normalcy do we need to focus on Reversibility or should we stick on to the training schedule?
  10. Although the physical activities shown are really good,there are issues where the under privileged children with Intellectual disabilities do not have the liberty to such facilities. How can we motivate them during this tough time? 
  11. Define Mental Health, Mental Illness and Intellectual Disability ?
  12. What do you mean by CWSNs as shown in the second last slide?
  13. A more challenging is going to be a journey  back to school,  when children are  somehow adjusted with lockdown and sitting at home. That’s the challenge even for us.  how do we prepare or convince them to take up all those activities after the situation comes to normal in a few months from now.
  14. My daughter is 7 years old and she wants to go out to see her mother’s sister, very desperately..we make her understand …but somehow I feel she is feeling low at her end?