1. What Are The Main Points To Emphasize During Counselling IDD (Intellectual /Development Disability) Patients who come for a Health Check-Up?
    1. A) Health Is Most Important For Athlete For Good Sports
    2. B) Health Advice Comprises Of – Hygiene , Balanced Diet, Regular Exercises For Fitness, Follow Medication Prescription
    3. C) Extreme Care During Covid19 Should Be Taken – Washing Hands , Mask Wearing , Social Distancing ,Stay At Home , Exercise Regime 
    4. I want to know about Mind Muscle Exercise Or activities As It’s Very Important to train a particular Muscle Or Activity which an Athlete with ID is weak in?

    Mind Muscle Connection Is A System Of Training Our Mind To Focus On A Particular Group Of Muscles usually for Strengthening it by Conscious Contraction & Focused Exercises. Mind muscle connection has the ability to create tensions  on specific muscles/ regions . Yes it can be used to strengthen certain weak muscles in all individuals through active biochemical messengers sent by the brain to the particular muscle being put in tension.

    1. Is it possible to vaccinate against the Corona virus as it’s constantly mutating and changing?

     Biomedical research all over the world is working hard to invent a vaccine against covid 19 . However it will take about a period of 12 -18 months before this is achieved. Until then we will need to take extreme care and follow all guidelines given by who, mohfw,goi and other important health policy makers – mask, social distancing , hand washing . Good oral hygiene is very important as the virus  spreads mainly through the mouth  and also through nose and eyes.

    1. As we are in the red zone area of Punjab, day by day cases are increasing, so how can we help our athletes to stay healthy . Their parents are concerned while the Athletes are continually asking them when would they attend school?

    We have to remember that no one is able to tell when this situation will be eased so we have to be prepared for a delay before the schools reopen and normal functioning starts .Hence the coach/ SO programs/  doctors have to talk to the parents and caregivers to:

    1. A) Follow a routine with the athletes
    2. B) Sleep and wake times to be maintained
    3. C) Hygiene protocol to be followed 
    4. D) Proper nutrition with meal times scheduled as normal times 
    5. E) Exercises and fitness program -refer to special olympics resource for fit 5, school of strength, Strong Minds etc. Always remember that it is not about telling but about showing them.


                 5.  Through an example can you demonstrate Inclusion in Health Care ?

 In a Dental Operatory, when the Athletes walk in, we have to take so much care. On the first day , in many instances, we can’t put the child on the dental chair. We have a process called Dental Home. It is a process of acclimatizing the Athlete to the surrounding environment. It encourages the child to sit around, feel comfortable and safe. This could lead him/her to go upto the dental chair on his/her own. The time taken for this process may differ from one Athlete to the other.

This also gives a gratification that you have met the challenges around that one Athlete and have adapted with patience, dedication and with a belief that this would happen.

              6. How can you explain Nutrition to the Athletes?

We can present videos as well as show pictures of a balanced diet, the food pyramid, the sources of protein etc. It can be done in fun and play way method like we do during the Healthy Athletes screenings.

             7. As we all are aware, the maximum number of Special Olympics Athletes belong to a low economic group but are concerned about their fitness. Could you suggest a suitable and easily accessible diet plan for them, especially during the lockdown period

.A good balanced diet can comprise of

* Cereal pulse mix foods like khichdi, idli. Addition of vegetables and groundnuts in khichdi is recommended.

* Locally available millets – rahi, jowar, bajra should be encouraged. Combination of cereals can help. 

It’s a myth that high cost foods are more nutritious. Go for local, seasonal foods. 

Inputs for Qs 6 & 7 have been provided by :

Dr. Manisha Vyas (M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D- Applied Nutrition) & Clinical Director- Health Promotion,Special Olympics