1. Which all Sports can be Unified.  Can all be Unified or only a few specific ones?

Any team Sports can be Unified. Additionally we can also conduct Unified Doubles events and Unified Relays in Swimming and Athletics

       2. Similar abilities are required in team sports, but as I think, in team sports a variety is good as there are lot of skills and techniques which are demonstrated on ground like skills of a goal-keeper, defender, attacker etc.

The concept & rules of  Unified Sports apply. Similar ability and age are the overarching ones

       3. Should the age of Unified Partners be within 5 years or 3 years of their teammates?

The age variance differs for different age-groups- No more than a three-year variance for teammates in the age-grp 8 & 13; no more than a five year variance for age group 14-18; and no more than a twenty year variance for teammates 19 and older

       4. Can parents join during Special Olympics training and events with their respective kids who may not be completely independent? Can parents of Children with Autism join them.

Special Olympics has qualified Coaches and Trainers. They are trained and accustomed to engaging  with  Athletes of all abilities while also training them for National level events where parents are not encouraged to accompany them. This applies to Athletes with Autism as well

       5. Why are Government school teachers not aware about Special Olympics Bharat mostly in rural areas?

Special Olympics Bharat has conducted multiple Programs under the Scheme of the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports for Persons With Disability,  in all the districts of India. if the teachers are not aware, it indicates that they may not have participated in those events. 

       6. Is there a special chess Olympiad like the regular chess Olympiad?

Special Olympics does not offer chess.

        7. How can a parent be a partner?

Parents can be Unified partners in the local programs across Badminton Doubles, Table Tennis doubles, Golf etc

        8. Where can we register the unified player?

In the local Special Olympics program or write to [email protected] or register on our website 

        9. Is Unified Sports also for Autistic children?

 Yes, Unified Sports is for every special athlete.

       10. Can we have the young athletes play alongside the elite athletes to build their confidence and enhance their performance?

Yes , you can, but, in the  Development model  or Developmental sports and not in Competitive sports. 

     11. How can the Athletes keep themselves occupied at home and maintain physical fitness

Various digital resources have been shared by Special Olympics and by SO Bharat. The videos demonstrate clearly what the Athletes can do at home. We are trying to spread this movement as much as possible , during the lockdown as well, through these videos of physical fitness

For further support on the subject pls contact :

Ms Sulekha Rana

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