Ranveer Saini- SO Bharat Haryana- Golf

14 year old, Ranveer Singh Saini , along with his Unified partner- Monica Jajoo, created history for our country by standing first on the victory stand to get a gold medal in Golf (Level 2) at the World Special Olympics 2015 at Los Angeles on 31st July, 2015.Ranveer and Moimg_9396nica played against 21 countries over 4 rounds of golf at the Wilson Golf Course at Griffith Park, Los Angeles. They were on the leader board for 3 consecutive days and sealed their victory with a huge 9 stroke margin from joint second placed teams from Hong Kong and Nippon, on the 4th and final day.It is for the first time that India was represented in the World Games in Golf. His coach and mentor , Mr. Anitya Chand, along with Mr. Mukesh have spear-headed his training into victory despite his intellectual disability.

Ranveer as we know is one of the youngest golfers of Special Olympics in the world and is autistic by birth. He was the first athlete from SO Bharat to participate in Golf, winning two Gold Medals and a trophy in his first representation at the Golf Masters Macau 2013. Standing alone and determined to face competition with fourteen teams of the best Special Olympics Golfers from twelve regions no more than 12 years of age, at that time.Hisachievements placed him in the Limca book of records for two consecutive years, 2014 and 2015.

Determined and focused towards pursuing his interests Ranveer has never let autism come on way of progress. His various stage performances, be it a song sung in front of his friends in school or before a huge audience, the recital of shlokas of Bhagavad-Gita at the Chinmaya Mission, playing the Piano,all stand testimony to a level of confidence that would inspire people all over.