Regional Asia Pacific Games

3rd South Asia Unified Cricket Tournament 2017

The 3rd South Asia Unified Cricket Tournament was held from 1-4 December 2017 at RDT Ananthapur Andhra Pradesh India.  Held under the aegis of the Special Olympics-Asia Pacific Regional office, the event was supported by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India, Government of Andhra Pradesh, the Rural Development Trust (RDT), the Lions Clubs International and the Aruna Abhey Oswal Trust. The Lions Clubs International and Aruna Abhey Oswal Trust support highlighted their joint commitment, Mission Inclusion: Bharat, which promises to augment promotion of Health needs and Unified Sports for SO Bharat

The tournament witnessed teams from SO Bangladesh , SO Serendib and SO Bharat participating in Unified Cricket on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2017.   This was the third edition of the tournament, with the previous two held in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2014 and 2016. 

Between 30 November and 11 December 2017 the event was covered by 55 print media and 6 Digital Media Report

Special Olympics Golf Masters Macau Tournament 2017

Ankush Saha, Kushagra Gaur and Ranveer Saini , the Golfing trio from SO Bharat once again competed at the Special Olympics Golf Masters Macau tournament, held from 16th April to 22nd April 2017. They played 2 rounds of Golf  at Level 5, the highest level, in a 36-hole tournament. While Ranveer won a gold medal Kushagra and Ankush won a bronze medal each, playing the senior category. The tournament was played under tough weather conditions of rain and winds upto speed of 30 knots and wet greens

The Special Olympics Golf Masters is the biggest Golf tournament for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, in the World. Inaugurated in 2012 with eight nations from the East Asian and Asia Pacific Regions, the tournament entered its sixth year witnessing participation of 26 delegations from 20 Countries.  Over 100 golfers competed from across the world including USA, UK, Finland, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Sweden, South Africa, Canada, Thailand, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Denmark, India and Macau among others at the Caesars Golf Course Macau which is one of the toughest Golf courses in the region frequently hosting  professional tournaments.

In the words of Dr (Cmdr) Kartikay Saini, Chairman, SO Bharat:

“It is a par 71 course, with hazards, lakes and OB (out of bounds) on almost every hole. Our athletes dared it all and endured with patience and professionalism”


Special Olympics Regional Asia Pacific Games 2013

The first edition of the Special Olympics Regional Asia Pacific Games took place in 2013, between November 28 to December 7 at Newcastle, Australia. They will take place once in every four years.The inaugural games saw participation of 29 Asia Pacific nations with 383 athletes from India. Special Olympics Bharat won a total haul of 387 medals, with 111 gold, 136 silver and 140 bronze.