Yes I can says Shrey Kadian

Shrey Kadian, 23 yrs, Athlete SO Bharat Delhi, did not speak in the early few years of his life, a problem that may be attributed to a birth defect. His parents had no one to guide them . At the age of 1 he spoke just 1-2 words, which also stopped. After placing him in a play group, there were often complaints of his aggressive behaviour and hyperactivity. For a long time his parents felt that this was normal. But at times he hurt others and himself came home with bite marks. This began to bother his parents

Following assessment at AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) he was placed in the care of Mata Bhagwanti Chaddha Niketan (MBCN) NOIDA. It was here that Shrey was introduced to SO Bharat. Simultaneously his mother encouraged and arranged for him to stay engaged as much possible in physical activities so as to expend his energies meaningfully. She also went to as many seminars, Partent Teacher sessions addressing the subject of Special Needs to give her son the best quality of life possible. Shrey had ,now, embarked on a new journey

With tremendous support from the staff of MBCN he started to show signs of calm and joy. Shrey joined SO Bharat in 2008. He loves sports, in general. He has played Cricket, Cycling, softball. He is fond of painting as well. Shrey played on an International platform for the first time through SO Bharat. He participated in Cricket at the inaugural Asia Pacific Regional Games in 2013 with his team winning a Silver medal. The LA Games 2015 were next. With the medals which kept coming in, he came to be known as the ‘Hero’ in his school

 On recounting the LA- World Games experience, he said“It was a World Cup for me, a dream come true!”. “We danced as we won against Australia”.Shrey, the Vice Captain of the team, took the last run that concluded the match in favour of India. He went through tensed moments on the field. Excitedly Shrey remembered his game even advising that team work is important. Catcher, Out field,batting,pitching should be accurate!, says he. He kept recalling tips by his Head Coach, Sanjay ,of not misfielding, running fast and most important, staying cool

Shrey participated in the Athlete Leadership  Conference held in Singapore in January 2017, tapping his communication abilities. He co-anchored the send off ceremony for the SO Bharat contingent which participated at the SO World Winter games Austria 2017.He participated in the Athlete Leadership Workshop which was held in New Delhi from 21-24 November 2017. It is ironical how he lacked speech in his early childhood and now he shows a potential to communicate well. There was a time when his parents had lost hopes of him talking at all.

In fact people know us as his parents. He goes out of his way to help people. He is fully independent. He rides a scooty . So many times he has taken me to run errands ”says his mother, Ms Shalini Kadian. In general Shrey stays positive, motivated and confident. He never thinks that he can’t ; it is always about ‘Yes I Can’ . Special Olympics has provided him with this platform and with an enormous opportunity to grow, to develop all faculties to the maximum. To play at an international level, to interact at that level, all of this has given him what just 2-3 of us at home would never have been able to give. Had it not been for Special Olympics he would have remained just another simple boy. But now the recognition and credibility that he receives from his family members, friends and school –has made him committed to what he is expected to do, even more.

In December 2017 Shrey Kadian was selected as a member of the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Athlete Input Council (AIC) to be the voice of athletes in the Asia Pacific Region