Skater Boy

Rajkumar Tiwari’s family hail from Gorakhpur and now live in Delhi. They still believe his intellectual disability is the result of black magic. His father is the sole bread-winner of the family of seven and makes his living selling artificial jewellery near the New Delhi railway station.

In 2006, Rajkumar joined the Special Olympics Bharat to train in handball. He went on to play the sport at the national level.

In August 2012, when the World Winter Games 2013 were announced, Rajkumar started training in figure skating. He worked hard for the next six months, eager to compete at the international level.

When financial constraints appeared to threaten his chances at participating in the World Games, Rajkumar launched a fundraising campaign and raise money from local businesses, family, friends and even the local Municipal Councillor.

His efforts finally paid off when he bagged not just one but two medals at the Games a gold and a silver.

This was also India’s first participation in figure skating at the World Games.