Pearl of Anantapur

Loksai was born to parents who were daily wage labourers in the district of Ananthapura, Andhra Pradesh. He is one of the two siblings. Seeing his development not in sync with his age made his parents go to a doctor. The doctor confirmed Intellectual disability, placing his parents under strain. Taking a debt over themselves his parents visited Hyderabad and Bangalore to find a ‘remedy’ to his condition. Having spend a substantial amount, any of which failed to solve their problem, they returned to their village

By the time he was 2yrs Loksai could not speak , saliva oozed from his  mouth, flies swarmed around him and others, of his age, stayed away from him, calling him ‘Mad’ and making fun of him. Frequent taunts from his neighbours , who often said that it would’ve been better having no children rather than having someone like him, made his mother weep silently.

His father never talked to him, resorted to alcohol adding more strain to the environment at home. In 2006 he passed away leaving his wife with no choice but to work, leaving both the children at home.

RDT ( Rural Development Trust)  run by the Vicent Ferrer Foundation registered him taking him through ADL (Activities of Daily Living) and later making him join the Special Olympics Bharat program in 2015.  SO Bharat- AP has been working closely with RDT for 14 years, having sent 15-16 athletes from RDT for the SO World Summer Games 2015 to LA, USA, as well.

 With support of the foundation Loksai was sent to Himachal Pradesh for Floorball and Floor Hockey training in 2015. He went for the Floorball Camp held in Solan where he won a Gold Medal , finally getting selected for the SO World Winter Games 2017 held in Austria. Prior to going for the games he participated in all Coaching Camps held in Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi and Chennai. At the World Winter Games in Austria, the Floorball team of which he was one of the players won Gold against Austria. On his return to his hometown he was felicitated for his achievements by the CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation)Director,  RDT, Andhra Pradesh, the District Collector, the SP (Superintendent of Police) and co- founder of RDT, Sister Anna Ferrer.

Loksai, today, shows no sign of the turmoil that he witnessed as a child. The experience through RDT and the Special Olympics program has contributed to his physical and mental strength.  Participating in the camps has improved his communication and also inculcated team spirit in him. On his return from Austria , all the press coverage around him brought him recognition from his neighbours. His mother is overjoyed. “ I thought my son was useless  but sports along with RDT has made him a pearl. Today my family respects us only because of him. My thanks to RDT and Special Olympics Bharat “.