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Gates Foundation


With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Special Olympics receives an opportunity to expand its Young Athletes work to support the early health and development of young children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, while also supporting the health and care of their mothers and family members.

The two year implementation strategy , January 2021- December 2022 will enable SO Bharat to work with various community organizations, pre-nursery and nursery schools and ECD centers to create a sustained partnership to support the mothers / family members of children in the age group. 

The program aims to improve child health outcomes and  skill development systems by the end of the grant period. The participants will be trained in implementing Young athletes as family programs , providing necessary skills and  resources. The resources will be translated in local languages to initiate wide acceptance of the program.

SO Bharat aims to reach out to 7250 family members to take the lead in the upgradation and maintenance of the health of the Athletes . Various Government, Community and Health partners would be approaches to support the endeavors

Three core strands around which the program will be implemented in India would be :

  • Young Athletes
  • Mother Parent Education
  • Healthy Communities











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Special Olympics World Games


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