Sahil , 19 yrs, trains and practices regularly at the sports centre which is at Abhoy Mission where he resides. He practises all five days in a week playing Football, Handball and following a fitness routine. For Sahil it is therapeutic, gives joy and gives him confidence of building a talent.
He has been a resident of the Abhoy Mission since a tender age of 6 yrs. Abhoy Mission is a residential facility for abandoned children with or without IDD. Sports was regular at the facility but the sports centre that opened in March 2023 has provided him with a regular routine that enhances his fitness levels as much as sporting skills closely monitored by a coach.
Sahil’s parents were financially weak and due to Sahil’s mental condition were unable to leave him with anyone in the family. He was restless and unsettled with others. He lost his father about five years back, and the situation compelled his mother to work on a regular basis. In March 2023 Trishan , his Coach and mentor joined the movement and introduced Sahil to Unified Sports. He played several times at the local level. Continued to build his stamina and strength in the track and field athletics. The prize and accolades he received at the end of each event, brought him cheer. Through Unified sports he met his unified partner , with whom he participated at the Youth Summit in 2023 in Delhi. He made friends through sports as well. Trishan has observed a drastic change in him over the past year. He has calmed down. Very often he is seen emulating
Trishan, to extend instructions to his co-athletes. Sahil has participated in Athletics and Bocce at National levels.
According to Ms Susmita De, Area Director, SO Bharat Tripura, he used to be very aggressive. She remembers an occasion when he smashed a window with his fist. Things look so different now. Sports has helped him develop, understand discipline, comply with the commands, maintain a good posture while walking, eat well etc.
Unified sports connected him with Saptajit,24yrs, his unified partner & buddy. Saptajit is a passionate footballer and plays badminton as well. Sahil’s skills have upgraded playing with him.They have played football, badminton and athletics together. They cycle together and have watched movies as well. Trishan, their Coach and Mentor, observing them both play, introduced them with each other , 6-7 months back, and unified sports strengthened the bond.
Outside sports, Sahil plays the tabla and enjoys singing and dancing. He has also been part of teams that the state has sent to the Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Parliament House.