Youth Activation

Together with Special Olympics, young people must be empowered to lead a dignity revolution to change social norms and create a lifetime of acceptance, appreciation, and inclusion for people with differences. To be successful, Special Olympics needs to engage young people in their formative years and beyond to connect them to the movement. This means activating and training Programs on the benefits and opportunities around youth activation.  By drawing young peoples’ attention to the gifts of people with ID, misperceptions are broken down, negative attitudes are tackled and their tremendous potential is highlighted. 

The Youth are educated to use sports and educational programmes to foster respect for people with intellectual disabilities in schools and Colleges. The programme activates young people to develop school communities which can act as agents of change, fostering respect, dignity and advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities

Activities/ Events

16 participants from 8 countries  attended the Workshop held from 23-27 April 2017 at Manila Philippines. Haylie Bernacki, Meghan Hussay and Soeren Palmbo from SOI and Lynn Tan from SOAP Regional office led the training. Along with India, Cambodia, Indonesia , Nepal, Nippon, Pakistan , Philippines and Serendib shared their experiences with Youth engagement in their respective programs. The workshop rolled out the Special Olympics 2016-2020 Global Youth Plan which includes a strong emphasis on Unified Schools. During the workshop, Programs shared knowledge and resources to execute the Global Youth Plan and Unified Schools within their country. Report


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