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Mumbai Pitches for BE FEARLESS BE KIND- supported by HASBRO Inc

22 March 2018 – 12 April 2018 splurged a spate of Unified sporting activities stimulating even the low ability Athletes to exhibit their hidden potential in joyous moments of fun and play. While these were separate events conducted in separate schools also preparing the schools to create a potential of such activities in future, two […]

SOBharat Female Football Team debuts the International Arena

In a magnanimous play of skill and power the female team of SO Bharat won Silver in their very first kick off at an International event . SO Bharat was one of the six participating teams at the Special Olympics Malaysia Invitational Unified 5-A-Side Football Tournament held from 24-28 November 2017 at Kuala lumpur, Malaysia. […]

Victory over Crime- Story from the Paradise of India

Third of March 2017 saw the Central Jail, Kot Balwal, Jammu  in a different light. Hard core criminals addressed as ‘Kaidi number ‘ (inmate number) changed into new T shirts the fabric of which stirred anxiety and excitement. It was no task they were going for but they were entering the sports arena created within […]

Shikha and Microsoft: Mission 3000

  Highlighting Shikha Rani , figure skater, referring to her as an ‘Epitome of Resolve’ is how Microsoft demonstrated its support to the International Women’s Day , at their plush office in Gurgaon on 8 March 2017.Shikha , her sister Nitu along with Virender Kumar and Raman Rekhi from SO Bharat were invited at the program […]

5 Stars – Celebrating Abilities

Their ‘disability ‘ may not be visible but the heart rending struggle every moment of their lives exists. What the society doesn’t see, it doesn’t recognize. A learning disability or inability to achieve the ‘standard’ academic levels overshadows all other abilities. There are others who have Intellectual Disabilities with associated physical trauma. Sports has offered […]

Vir Bhavya Society- Initiative of A Coach

Towards end of the year 2012 , Nishant Sharma and his friend , Indrapal Singh, both Coaches with SO Bharat decided to open ‘Blessing for all’ , a residential facility for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities. Beginning with 4 residents, the facility had Nishant and his family involved at a personal level, where he went to […]

Athlete Leadership Program

An Athlete Leadership Program was held at the Hi-Tech Institute of Engineering & Technology, Ghaziabad, UP on 6th and 7th of October 2016 with the participation of 8 Athlete Leaders and 4 Mentors. As the program was planned to run parallel with an Advanced Coaches Training Course, the opportunity was leveraged to extend the training […]

GMS7 Training Reuben Silva

Reuben Silva, Senior Manager, Sports Technology, Special Olympics International, led the GMS7 training from 17-21 July 2016 at the Integrated Social Institute, Delhi . 32 participants from 20 states got an opportunity to upgrade their technical skills to match the latest in documenting sports related data. National office Administrative and Sports Assistants, Gireesh Kumar and […]

The whistle blew and the match began

It was a 6 on 6 game which had 3 athletes on either team. it was obvious to see that the game was going to be tight one. Both teams were going forward but equally good keeping the ball out of their own goal. The event kicked off with India Spurs members who had been a […]

National Convention for Severe Intellectual and Multiple Disability

“In a Healthy and Friendly environment there is no disability; disability prevails in  a hostile environment” This was quoted by Dr. Amitabh Mehrotra, Vice Chairman, SO Bharat UP who is 51 yrs of age and has Cerebral Palsy. Through a few anecdotes he made the audience confront the day to day struggle. He recounted, “During […]

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