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12002619_10154233691602942_3920599204829416530_oA total of 885 Special Olympics Bharat athletes have participated in eight World Summer Games and five World Winter Games between 1987 and 2017.They have won 359 gold, 353 silver and 423 bronze medals in the world summer and world winter games bringing a combined count to 1135 Medals.

The selection of participants is done through following the guidelines laid down for the same.Selection Guidelines.

Based on these guidelines, a comprehensive selection criterion has been formulated in a directive which the Selection Committee follows strictly.Selection Directive

Special Olympics World Winter Games










Special Olympics World Winter Games Austria 2017 

The SO Bharat contingent returned to India on 25 March 2017 with 37 Gold, 10 Silver and 26 Bronze summing to 73 Medals following their participation at the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017. India had sent 89 Athletes to compete at the mega event that witnessed participation of 2500 Athletes from 105 Nations:

Number of Athletes from few Countries

Austria (largest contingent) 316
SO USA 139
SO Canada 108
SO Bharat (India) 89
SO China 74
SO Korea 65
SO Nippon 54


Final Medal Tally

Sport Discipline Gold Silver Bronze Total
Snowshoeing- 100mtrs   1 1 5
Snowshoeing- 50mtrs   1 2
Alpine skiing (novice Giant Slalom) 2 2 2 10
Alpine skiing (Slalom) 1 1 2
Snow boarding (novice Giant Slalom) 2   2 8
Snow boarding (Slalom) 2 2  
Speed Skating( 111mtrs)   2 1 3
Figure Skating   1   1
Floor Hockey Female     16 16
Floor Hockey Male 16     16
Unified Floorball Male 6     6
Floorball Traditional Male 8     8
Total 37 10 26 73


The Unified Floorball Team Female secured the 5th place while the Female Floorball (traditional) team ranked 6th

It is pertinent to note, the contingent created an unprecedented record of winning three Gold medals in three team events played the same day – 23 March 2017. Unified Floorball Male, Floor Hockey male and Floor ball Traditional male- clashing with teams from Nigeria, Lithuania and Austria

About India’s Participation at the Special Olympics World Winter Games to be held in Austria from 14 March-25 March 2017
In addition to India, ESPN’s coverage was carried in 190 countries and territories around the world making it the widest-reaching coverage ever for a Special Olympics World Winter Games.

The Games were held throughout Austria in three primary locations: in Graz (the second largest city in Austria and capital of Styria), Schladming (Alpine Skiing World Championships in 1982 and 2013) and Ramsau (Nordic Skiing World Championships in 1999).
Special Olympics Bharat (SO Bharat) sent a delegation of 140 Athletes, Coaches ,Youth Leaders, Families and Officials. 89 SO Bharat Athletes and 23 Coaches  participated in 7 out of 9 sport disciplines featuring the World Games. These 7 sports are:
Alpine skiing, Snow Shoeing, Snow Boarding, Figure Skating, Speed Skating,Floor Hockey and Floor Ball including Unified Floor Ball.



Team SO Bharat Calendar at the World Games

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142 Athletes have participated at the Special Olympics World Winter Games since 1993 until 2013. Through participation across 5 World Winter Games they have won 36 Gold,39 Silver and 19 Bronze Medals to an overall tally of 94.

Table of Participation- World Winter Games

Special Olympics World Summer Games


743 Athletes have participated at the Special Olympics World Summer Games since 1987 until 2015. Through participation across 8 World Summer Games they have won 286 Gold,304 Silver and 378 Bronze Medals to an overall tally of 968.

214 Athletes and 53 Coaches participated at the Special Olympics World Summer games held in LA, USA from 25 July- 2 August 2015 across 14 sport disciplines. They were: Athletics, Aquatics, Bocce, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Softball, Football, Power lifting, Roller skating, Handball, Cycling & Unified Golf .

With 7,000 athletes and 3,000 coaches representing 177 countries, along with 30,000 volunteers , the 2015 Special Olympics World Games was the single biggest event in Los Angeles since the 1984 Olympic Games. The 2015 Special Olympics World Games, with the unparalleled spirit, enthusiasm, teamwork, joy and displays of courage and skill that are hallmarks of all Special Olympics events, featured 25 Olympic-style sports in venues throughout the Los Angeles region.

Table of Participation-World Summer Games